How an MSI can help your
retail portfolio thrive

From connecting systems at the site level to providing analytics at the enterprise, the modern master systems integrator is a retail portfolio's secret weapon for better energy management and improved building performance.

Through this quick, illustrated guide, you will learn:
  • What retail property owners are doing today to improve NOI, decrease energy usage and improve building performance.
  • How energy managers are taking advantage of opportunities for the portfolio from the building system level.
  • How updated systems can unlock previously unknown information into the true health of your building assets. 
  • Why any of this really matters to retail property executives.
Santa Monica Place
"We looked at five different platforms before choosing OTI. We found OTI to be the most experienced of all candidates in providing us a truly unified platform that brings all our disparate systems together and achieves a single harmonious output."

-Ryan Knudson, AVP Energy and Operations, Macerich

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